Magazine Editor/Realtor Jodi Mitchell


Jodi Mitchell loves real estate. She loves houses and homes and she loves people. She loves connecting people with great houses. And she has a terrific instinct for it. She also loves helping people get the most for their house when it's time to sell it. She does this by having an obsession with detail and getting everything right, from the small things to the large things - from the marketing, the staging, the photographs, the text, the presentation to the brokerage and buying community, to the open house and to negotiating the deal - she does it all.  Jodi makes sure that her clients are informed, protected, well-represented the whole way and assured that their interests are paramount throughout.

Jodi wears many hats, and with a dynamic background that has taken her from enjoying life in Malibu, Montecito and Aspen, she brings her formidable smarts, passion, knowledge of the luxury market and lifestyle, and disarming effectiveness to serving clients who are ready to buy or sell property throughout the Los Angeles area.

People who want dialed-in, intelligent, professional and kick-ass representation know who to turn to, and that's why Jodi has earned the loyalty of so many. Oh, and she's a lot of fun to be around.

Deals can be complicated, and they’re not always easy; the best results come when someone who is calm and sharp represents you and negotiates the process intelligently, cannily and effectively.
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Lon Levin

Publisher/Creative Director/Writer

Lon Levin hasbuying, renovating and selling real estate for over 25 years.  He is the son of former San Diego Clippers owner, Irving H. Levin and held the position of assistant GM while working with the team. 

Levin worked 25 years in the entertainment business as a creative executive in charge of art departments that serviced theatrical films, network television, syndicated television, worldwide licensing and home entertainment. He is the recipient of numerous awards  including 7 Promax Gold and Silver for excellence in TV advertising. Several of the theatrical campaigns he worked on supported films that top $100,000,00 in gross worldwide income including The Star Wars Trilogy, Cocoon, Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile.

He has written and/or illustrated 31 books including 15 children's books.

Over the last two decade he has bought, sold and renovated  8 private homes. 

He is currently an agent at PLG Estates in Beverly Hills. He and Jodi Mitchell started READY magazine in 2018.


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